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Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

You love the design and convenience of your sliding glass doors, but as you think about window coverings, you may feel a little overwhelmed.

Let's see what we can find for these beautiful sliding doors that will work for you and the unique design of your home.

Skyline Sliding Panels

Sliding panels are a contemporary alternative to outdated vertical blinds. They are a sleek solution to any sliding glass door. These shades are low maintenance, easy to clean and are child and pet safe as they are cordless.

Vertical Honeycomb Shades

Vertical Honeycomb Shades off more than just style as they are high efficient insulating shades that will keep you heating and cooling costs down. They can be used as room dividers as they can come exceptionally wide. The advantages to honeycomb include:

Energy Savings:

Honeycomb shades are by far the most energy-efficient window shade. By design, the cellular shaped pockets trap air and help insulate your home, which is especially nice when you're covering an expansive area like a sliding glass door.

Style Trend:

Vertical Honeycomb Shades are available in a wide array of colors and fabrics. From textured to sheer, you have a choice for every home style.

Perfect Pairings:

Coordinating your shades is never a problem. When it comes to new homes and home renovations, open concept is on trend. Sliding patio doors covered with the honeycomb sliding panel can be matched to your windows with the top down bottom up and cordless features.


Created with soft material that will withstand everyday use, these shades are a favorite of homeowners. Durability is a key feature and when combined with the style and beauty of the honeycomb fabrics, you can't miss!


There’s something about custom drapery that adds warmth and a unique style to any home. Pops of color and textured fabrics that sway and flow are a great way to add a touch of drama. Adding an anchor to your windows can create the appearance of larger windows and higher ceilings if your room seems small.

  1. INSIDER TIP: Flooring, wall color and large fabric upholstery pieces are the key ingredient in any room design. Using colours shifted from these elements as inspiration can result in drapes hung in dramatic, saturated colours or updated calming grays.

Woven Wood Drapery

Bring the outdoor in with this unique natural shade. These shades are full of texture and warmth. Available in a wide range of colors from light to dark they can be the perfect solution for a sliding glass door. They also come with combination window treatments.


For a stunning and durable solution, sliding shutter panels are a great investment. These shutters are a high end product that will add to your homes value.

Schedule your consultation to find the best window treatment for your sliding glass doors.

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