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A professional artist and designer, Samantha is well known for her abstract landscapes, custom pet paintings and design advice. Her use of vibrant colours and texture will brighten up your home and provide an optimistic vibe for you and your family to enjoy.

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Let's Decorate!

✨Customize ✨your space with art, furniture, and window coverings with Samantha Ring Art & Design. 

With the expert advice of Shademaker Blinds and myself, we can guide you to answer your questions... 


Will the blinds and curtains match my paint colours?  

What style works for my space? 

Do I need a pattern in my curtains? 

What neutral shade works for my space?  


During the consultation, we can discuss any other decorative needs! 

I interview you to understand your style preferences, goals, and budget beforehand to ensure that every space I help facilitate is consistent with your vision. 


My services include: 

🪟-Window Covering Selection 

🎨-Paint Colour Consultation 

🛋️-Restyling a Room 

🖼️-Hanging Artwork, Custom Artwork Selection 

🪑-Furniture Selection 

💭-Material Selections

🏠-New Builds

🔨-Home Renovation

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